Experience the FUN and EXCITEMENT of a 5 Star Helicopter flight in our sleek Airbus Eurocopter B2 Helicopter complete with air conditioning, luxury leather interior and a state of the art internal and external camera system giving passengers a service never before seen in Bali. Our 4 state-of-the-art Heliports around Bali, are owned and operated by Mason Adventures, enabling a heli combination with other adventure tours and for AIRPORT TRANSFERS combining our helicopterwith our own luxury VIP transport company, ensures no pickup or flight delays.

  • Grand Volcano flight

    See the spectacular Kintamani Volcano and Caldera lake.

  • Uluwatu Temple and Coastal flight

    30 minute Joyflight around Bali’s beautiful Southern coastline.

  • Bedugul and surrounding Lakes

    Bedugul is Bali’s famous mountain lake resort featuring a water temple and botanical gardens.

  • Kuta Beach

    Long white sandy beach, and an iconic landmark for surfers the world over

  • Tanah Lot Temple

    Tanah Lot is Bali’s most popular tourist and cultural icon for photography and general exoticism

  • Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida Coastal Tour

    These two islands offer a wealth of beautiful beaches blissfully free of crowds.

  • Gili Islands & Mount Rinjani Tour

    A real tropical Island experience and explore the Indonesia's second highest volcano from the air.

  • Charter Flights

    We also offer Customized Adventure Flights and other services.



Airport Transfers

With the increase in the number of traffic in Bali we can get you to your destination faster and in greater comfort than travelling by road.

Marriage Proposal Flights

Add a touch of magic to your big day, a proposal in the air, flying over your message on the ground. Are you wanting to propose to your significant other and aren’t quite sure what to do?

Wedding Flights

Creating memories for a lifetime by arriving at your wedding in a helicopter. Forget about a stretch limousine or horse drawn carriage.

Events & Special Occasions

When you have an occasion to celebrate –an engagement, birthday, anniversary, or even landing that big deal– special helicopter rides will seal the moment in time.

Executive Business Lunch

Taking off from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Adventure House Heliport, or other select locations throughout Bali,we can provide air transport for you or your corporate colleagues.

Medical Retrievals

For a quick, safe and reliable response in a life saving situation we operate our Medical Retrievals in conjunction with BIMC, Siloam, Penta Medical and 221 Assist.



Island Hopping

Fly to any of the Gili Islands direct from Bali from anyone of our Mason Adventures Skytour Helipads.

Adventure Packages

With Exclusive connecting flights, Sky Tours can be combined with any of the Mason Adventures products

Other Services

We also offer Customized Adventure Flights, fast Airport, Hotel and Inter-Island Transfers, Luxury Charter flights, Medical Evacuation, Aerial Photography and Filming

About Us



Mason Sky Tours is a locally owned and operated by Mason Adventures, Bali’s most renowned adventure tour company founded in Bali in 1989. Having had more than a decade of experience in tourism, Mason Adventures boasts a superb infrastructure which offers the highest standards of safety in Bali, together with a fast and efficient service unrivaled in the southern hemisphere.

Mason Sky Tours was established to cater for the growing demand for Helicopter adventures in Bali. Since our conception we have established 4 of our own dedicated Helipads throughout Bali which we own and operate, offering our guests a fast, efficient and affordable service, eliminating airport delays, and with our own transport company, no pickup delays.

Our range of exciting adventures gives you a chance to choose a scenic flight that suits you and your pocket. The spectacular coastline of Nusa Penida and the Uluwatu Peninsula or the unsurpassed beauty of towering mountings and steaming volcanoes are all just a short flight away. You can also transfer either to or from the Mason Elephant Park or White Water Rafting, it’s up to you.

As Mason Sky Tours is coupled with the worldwide reputation of Mason Adventures we can offer a complete range of adventure tours to complement our Helicopter services. Our Helicopter Sky Tours can be combined with White Water Rafting, Elephant Park & Lodge, Mountain Cycling, Spa Package Tours and ATV Tours. Mason Sky Tours also offers a FREE air evacuation to a Denpasar hospital from any of our Tours for our guests on pre-booked tours.

Our team are ready to show you all the amazing things there are to see here in Bali! We leave you with a unique view of Bali, the traditional culture and spirit that makes the island unlike any other destination in the world.

The possibilities for your custom adventures are endless.


Mason Sky Tours owns and operates four of its own certified Helipads throughout Bali offering our guests a reliable, fast, efficient and affordable service.

Our home base Heliport is at Adventure House in Pesanggaran, conveniently located between Kuta and Sanur.

Our Helipad at the Mason Adventure Centre in Kedewatan serves as our Ubud hub, which is also our rafting finishing point. The Adventure Centre also houses two restaurants, including a Sushi Bar, a live entertainment bar, a Japanese Spa, Art Gallery, Bakery and has its own five star accommodation.

Our helipad at Payangan, our rafting start point, is situated amongst some of Bali’s finest five star hotels.

Our forth Helipad is at the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge at Taro. Ideally situated for affordable flights to the Kintamani Volcano and the perfect location for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea with the Elephants.

Our Helicopter Sky Tours can be combined with White Water Rafting, the Elephant Park & Lodge, Mountain Cycling, Spa Package Tours and ATV Tours. Mason Sky Tours also offers FREE Emergency Air Medivac to a hospital from any of our Tours for guests who have pre-booked with us.

Eurocopter B2


We are proud to introduce our EurocopterB2, Bali’s first VIP Helicopter complete with:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Modern specialized navigation and communication equipment
  • Luxury hand stitched leather interior
  • Quiet cabins
  • Pop out floatation for emergency water landing
  • State of the art internal and external camera system for recording guest’s flights.
  • TV monitor screens and sound system
  • Large Panoramic windows
  • Cargo hook for Banner advertising

See spectacular aerial view of Bali

Experience the FUN and EXCITEMENT of Helicopter flight in our sleek Eurocopter B2 Helicopter

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